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Frontend NE - happy first birthday

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I’ve really enjoyed being a part of frontend NE, we’ve been blessed with fantastic speakers and a lot of pizza.

I never really thought when I asked on Twitter back in January last year that anyone would really be interested, Newcastle has always had some excellent user groups (PHPNE, SuperMondays), but oddly never one for front-end developers.

Thankfully some great people help organize it: Sam and Martin are both excellent people, and it wouldn’t happen without them. (Also Nick has really helped with the filming and sound - if you ever need a sound guy get in touch!)

We’ve also been bowled over by the amazing support from Peacock Carter, HurstDEV, Bede Gaming and Tombola, who have helped keep the user group supplied with pizza and drinks over the past year!

It also wouldn’t be possible without a venue, so big thanks to Campus North for providing the meeting space each month!

A few numbers:

We’ve got a great community here in the North East, so thanks to everyone who has spoken, supported or attended!

We are already making plans the next 12 months, and we’ve got some exciting events plans and of course more pizza!

If you think you would like to share your knowledge with the Frontend NE community feel free to get in touch or use this form. We also have a number of great sponsorship opportunities if you’d like to support Frontend NE.