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decoupling and abstraction

A couple things generally strike me when I approach a codebase -

Abstraction - will allow code reuse in many parts of an application or difference services.

Decoupling will remove dependencies between blocks of code.


For me, this is a good candidate for refactoring exercise. At the start, it can be difficult to visualize where a meaningful abstraction can happen.

When an application is in a mature state then it will be easier to see where abstraction can add value.

A few signs of bad abstraction;

A great post on this is ‘Duplication is far cheaper than the wrong abstraction’.


Decoupling can promote reuse but that is a common misconception that it is the goal.

Decoupling is about making parts of a system independent from one another. There are many good reasons to do this;

Decoupling often happens by design, making good choices will help avoid coupling.

Doing things like

These promote the idea of code independence which should also make for maintainable code.