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A few nice nice things from Maker Fair uk

If you’ve never been to a Maker Fair, it is an odd experience to describe, it is like a geeky tech show and tells.

The best example I can give is the amazing, panecakeBot, which you can now buy.

Do It Kits

I love to see technology kits merged with music kits. The stall had a guitar kit set up - this meant you could play guitar with various things including a hammer!

This means you could build an instrument on anything! There is also a synth kit that allows people to learn about music and physics.

@ShrimpingIt Morecambe Minilluminations

I am a big fan neon lights (Las Vegas/Warsaw) their display featured around using colour-controllable LED pixels to make signs.

The @ShrimpingIt #esp8266 #micropython #minilluminations here at @makerfaire_uk are wonderful!

— Adrian McEwen (@amcewen) April 1, 2017

It is like a cool Blackpool, I think these were using neopixel.


The stall had some nice examples of things you can do with a Microbit. If you’ve never seen one they are a small computer with a couple of inputs and lots of LEDS.

They had some nice examples of robots being controlled by the microbit. This was the first time I’ve seen extended hardware with them.

MadeInvaders @DoESLiverpool

If you combine nerf guns with a coconut shy of space invaders then you have MadeInvaders!


Extreme Fliers

Drones? Racing? Cool! I was surprised how small and light the drones where. It will be interesting to see how much they are when they launched, they seemed very controllable!

Bare Conductive

I’ve not had to make a circuit board in a very long time, but I assuming you still use an acid bath. Bare conductive sell an electric paint that can be used amount things to paint circuits!

You can check out the other Makers at