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Irregular week notes s01e02

If I had to describe my week in two words it would be proactive and disjointed.

Work, work and work

Last week I had a couple of days out of the office to attend dibi conference in Edinburgh.

Which meant a lot of my working week has been catching up on various things and trying to catch up on my conf notes. My week notes are normally noted day by day, but this week has been a bit of a mismatch where I days have blurred into themes.

Normally, I’d have loads of updates to what I’ve been doing at work, but actually, I’m struggling to remember a single thing I achieved.

My GIT tells me I’ve made 26 commits, but largely I have no idea what they are. I’ve also been trying to work back in my govuk-elements-nunjucks back into some of my projects so I can start moving them to a new version of GOVUK elements.

Support Networks

I’ve had some hard choices to make this week, and it’s been good to have both internal and external people I can talk to. One of the things I need to do more over the next year is to try and support others. Often this is just making yourself available to people to be a sounding board.


If you didn’t know, I co-run a front-end community in Newcastle. This week we had our second birthday, it has been such a rewarding experiencing running a user group. From meeting a diverse range of people to learning different things.

We also announced that in 2018 we’ll be running our first front-end conference,

Talk about forms

I posted a blog last month ‘Good forms create good experiences’. I thought it would be interesting to start a mini review blog of forms from interviews with people.

On Wednesday I quietly launched @talkaboutforms, if you’d like to talk about a form then feel free to drop me a note on twitter.