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the opportunity

After three attempts I’ve given up trying to write a 2019 review post.

It has been a year of arkward team conversations and JFDI.

It hasn’t all been bad, the teams I have worked on have been resilient, held the course, and ultimately got the right result for the end-user.

What has been reaffirmed over the last 12 months is that there is limite to the value in the delivery of a vertical slice of a horizontal service.

Not that those slices don’t need to be delivered, but when you start to work on connected slices you start to see running themes that run across everything and start to see the problems being solved in other places.

I’ve worked on multiple products across different services but this is the first time I’ve worked on successive products that directly leads to another product.

As we progress through 2020 there is a great opportunity to go deeper and to work across the gaps of these products, to push further into policy and to start influence the products that we traditionally as service teams have limited control over.

sticker: deliver the whole service for users

The above is taken from Welcome to the updated Service Standard.